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Punta Rusia / Punta Rucia / Ensenada Beach
Beautiful North Coast Location
Below Market priced at only $20 US / m²
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CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares...
CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares... CLICK HERE for Photo Album for these Ensenada Beach Solares...

Far away from the all inclusive... and crowded "Mega-resort" vacation spots you will find Punta Rucia ~ an absolutely lovely, very typical and completely unspoiled Dominican fishermen's village directly adjacent to one of the Caribbean's least exploited underwater national parks (Parque Nacional Monte Cristi) and blessed with a coral reef of approximately fifty kilometers in length. Punta Rucia and Ensenada beach are located on the spectacular northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Punta Rucia was given its name by Christopher Columbus when he visited the island of Hispaniola on his second voyage to the New World. You can understand his attraction to the location after experiencing one of the area's amazing sunsets! Punta Rucia is situated approximately two hours by road from Puerto Plata, to the east, and approximately one hour from Monte Cristi, to the west and close to the Haitian border. This area is served by the International Airports of Puerto Plata (POP) and Santiago (STI) which are both about one and a half hours by road. Don't Miss This Excellent North Coast Opportunity! CONTACT US TODAY ~ This excellent property is only a short flight away from where you are right now! Please feel free to send me an E-mail with any additional questions.

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Great Punta Rucia Beachfront Restaurant...The beach in Punta Rucia...  and the beach in Playa Ensenada both feature shallow water and are ideal for family fun. The magnificent sunsets are worthy of occupying a space in your memory and like the rest of the beaches of the Dominican Republic the weather is hot and the water is warm. In Punta Rucia and Playa Ensenada one can enjoy other attractions such as the incredible scenery, the Montecristi National Park and the mound of coral called Cayo Arena. This area is a wonderful attraction for people who love photography! Playas Ensenada and Punta Rucia are simply magnificent. I do not think that they can be described in another way. The very long beach with the crystal clear water and soft white sand are right next to the local restaurants where you can buy fresh fish and other seafoods. CONTACT US TODAY ~ This excellent property is only a short flight away from where you are! The view is stupendous! Take a mini-vacation and see it for yourself. Here is a complete ALBUM of photos in addition to those shown on this page.

Magnificent Punta Rucia and Ensenada Beaches...We at Luperon Property Sales are proud to present this perfectly situated property...  Located about 200 meters from the beach and elevated sufficiently to catch a nice breeze and for a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. We are presenting seven Tareas of titled, clean and fenced land in an exquisite location. Be sure to check out the complete PHOTO ALBUM at this link. Quiet and just a few short steps to the Estero Hondo National Park entrance where you can see the Manatees! A couple of minutes by car to the magnificent beaches and attractions of Punta Rucia and Playa Ensenada. One Tarea of land in the Dominican Republic is approximately 629 square meters in area. We therefore have presented here 4,403 square meters of land or just slightly short of one full acre. This land is clean and ready for construction. This land also has absolutely clear title which is a very important consideration in this country. Contact Us Today! This excellent property is ready for your construction project!

Jose from Luperon Property Sales...One of the real Super Great attractions...  of living here is the close proximity to the wonderful open air beach-front restaurants! If you are a seafood lover then you can not possibly find seafood fresher than this! These people fry the fish quickly before the fish have a chance to jump back into the water! This is a great place to retire. The cost of living is just a small fraction of the so called "developed" countries! The climate is perfect. With a pension from Europe of America one can live like a king in the Dominican Republic. Punta Rucia and Ensenada Beach is a perfect place to live like a king! We are now Presenting this Excellent Dominican Republic North Coast Property! This excellent Dominican Republic REVIEW points out that NOW is the best time to be investing in the Dominican Republic. A PHOTO ALBUM with additional photos has been provided for your pleasure. If we at Luperon Property Sales can assist you in any possible manner please feel free to click on this link and CONTACT US TODAY

 Beach Front Solares Photo Album 

Ensenada Beaches are beautiful...Check out the Photos...  Tranquil scenes like those in the photos are everywhere! Put your walking shoes on and take your camera because these photo opportunities are all around the area. You will stumble upon quaint little fishing villages which seem to come from history books. The beaches are beautiful and well protected behind reefs. The waters are clean and perfect for snorkeling around the reefs. Anchor your boat behind the reef for great protection. Enjoy the tropical climate and vegetation. Absorb yourself in the Dominican culture. You will be accepted like family! This property is clean, ready for building and has a perfect title. Truly an Excellent North Coast Opportunity! Please CONTACT US TODAY

Luperon Properties Presentation Manager Jose Cruz...My name is Jose Ovidio Vasquez Cruz... and I am the Property Presentation Manager here at Luperon Property Sales. It will be my personal pleasure to show you this property and answer any questions that you might have. This property is my own listing so I am very familiar with all details plus I have an excellent relationship with the owner of the property. If you have a question that is too difficult for me to answer I can quickly get an answer for you from the owner! If you would like to speak to me personally on the telephone please feel free to give me a call. If you CLICK on my small photo to the left you will find my contact telephone numbers. Incidentally, I am also a fully licensed Dominican Republic Tour Guide for the whole Country in case you would like to visit other parts. At TOURS you can visit my page. I can arrange any type of tour that you wish and could also present you with ideas for some of the popular attractions. Please be sure to see the complete PHOTO ALBUM for this excellent Beach Front property. Some additional questions? Please CONTACT ME ~ I can help!

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  • Deslinde Title NOW IN PROCESS
  • Purchase as three adjacent building lots
  • Purchase one, two or all three building lots
  • 4,403 Square Meters of Land Total
  • On a hill overlooking the ocean
  • 200 meters to the beach
  • About 1-1/2 Hours to Puerto Plata Airport
  • About 1-1/2 Hours to Santiago Airport
  • Quiet area
  • PURCHASE PRICE $20 US dollars m²
  • Growth Area ~ North Coast
  • Great Place to Retire and Enjoy
  • Keep your Yacht in Punta Rucia Bay
  • CONTACT US to View This Property

Pristine beaches...Well now... Just to sum everything up...  This excellent property next to the beach is available right now! This is a brand new entry to the market and is located just on the edge of Punta Rucia and Ensenada Beach on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This property actually consists of three separate, titled solares or building lots. There are two of 2 Tareas and one of 3 Tareas and the owner will sell separately if necessary. The preference is to sell all three solares together. This is clean property with clean title! Ready for you to build your personal dream home or villa. Well priced at only $20.00 US per Square Meter. A few short minutes by car to the public beaches of Ensenada and Punta Rusia and a few minutes walk to the Estero Hondo National Park beach. Tropical living at it's absolute finest. Lot's of development going on in this area assures that your property will appreciate in value. Act quickly with this one. Small building lots with clear title are not easy to find. This one is available now! The complete property represents about one acre for those not accustomed to Square Meters and Tareas. Pristine beaches nearby, good roads, wonderfully warm and friendly people and much, much more. The area is the recently discovered North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Luperon Property Sales is in Luperon and just to the west of the Puerto Plata International Airport. Do you need some more questions answered? CONTACT US TODAY ~ This property is waiting for you!

 Beach Front Solares Photo Album 

Some Interesting New Legislation

DR becomes retiree paradise...  With the approval and publication of Law 171-07 on Foreign Retirees, the Dominican Republic has become a paradise for people planning to retire to an idyllic setting. Fast-tracked residency paperwork (45 days), duty-free household goods, reductions on motor vehicle taxes, exemption on transfer taxes for the first purchase of real estate, 50% reduction on taxes on mortgages, 50% reduction on the annual property tax, exemption on taxes on dividends and interest, 50% reduction on capital gains are just some of the attractions. Developers are very happy with the new law. Just ask Jose Luis Asilis, the president of the Metro Group, who pointed out the need to publicize the news overseas. Asilis told a meeting organized by Listin Diario that Europeans can "live like kings on a fraction of what they receive in pensions." The minimum monthly income required is US$1,500 US for retirees with a government or private pension and US$2,000 in verified income from all others.

Are you thinking of a fine retirement home...  Definitely a great Country in which to retire! Read this Testimonial that we received from a Canadian gentleman doing just that. There are several very good reasons including the near perfect climate, the warmth and extreme friendliness of the Dominican people, the low cost of living, the totally relaxed atmosphere, the ocean with beautiful beaches, the fishing, the boating community and much, much more. If you are a boater, or a future boater, then the bay in the Town of Luperon has been designed by Nature just for you! The tremendous and famous Punta Alma Project is soon to be under construction and the new Marina Tropical is currently expanding. These are both huge and progressive projects. The beaches of Luperon are most attractive. This fine property is only a short flight away! Follow your dreams! CONTACT US Now!

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We have plenty of other properties...  just in case you would like to build your own home! We also have very well qualified construction engineers on call right now in case you would like us to arrange for the construction of your new home. We can do everything to suit your needs. Send us a note and choose your building lot today. We have Ocean View properties, mountain view properties and everything in between! Luperon Bay on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic is close to you. Just CLICK HERE and send me a note with any questions. I will be very happy to be of service!

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Brand New Construction at only $82 US Per Square Foot...

Example Home "LH-001-P" Architect's View...Here is one fine example... which will be entitled "LH-001-P" and we have both the Architects View and the Floor Plan shown. You may CLICK on either of these two images for expanded views. This superior quality home features three bedrooms. One large Master Bedroom with it's full en suite bathroom, balcony and huge closet. The two additional smaller bedrooms share a full bathroom plus each of these bedrooms has a large closet. The Master bedroom is located at the rear of the house with the two smaller bedrooms to one side of the home. The Living Room and Dining room are located at the front of the house with the kitchen off the Dining Room. For convenience the Laundry Area is off the kitchen and separates the home from the car port.Example Home "LH-001-P" Floor Plan... There is a nice front porch and entrance opening to the Living Area. This truly is a great functional design. This fine home will sit nicely on either Lots 1, 2, 3 or 4 shown on this LOT PLAN with each of these lots being within a few short steps from the Community Pool in the Luperon Hills Gated Community. Choose one now! Incidentally, Living within the Luperon Hills Gated Community entitles each of the residents and their guests to enjoy all the benefits of that unique community. The community Tiki-Bar is yours to enjoy and entertain your family and guests. Take advantage of the peace and quiet of Luperon Hills, the security of Luperon Hills and you are also entitled to make use of all the amenities! That includes the use of the Luperon Hills Swimming Pool. This REVIEW points out that NOW is the best time to be investing in the Dominican Republic. Check property prices on the other Caribbean Islands and you will soon realize that property values here have no place to go except up! Here in this area of the Dominican Republic properties are still affordable but that will not be forever! The new Marina Tropical is right here in Luperon as well as the tremendous and famous Punta Alma Project which is currently waiting for permits to begin construction. It does not get much better than this! Follow your dreams! Have some additional questions? CONTACT US We can help!

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Exquisite Oceanview and Mountainview Villa brought to you by Luperon Boat yacht and property sales...For those who can afford the very best! This exclusive villa simply needs to be seen. Absolutely unbelievable ocean and mountain vistas. Perfectly maintained and priced right. Read more here...

You will find some very excellent articles there with some having been written by some of our boating friends. Many of them are pretty funny so you might want to have a look. If you are a writer send your article to us and we will publish it here for the benefit of other boaters. We sometimes have boaters wanting to sell their personal cars or motorcycles or dinghies or whatever and we try to accommodate that with this section. Things do change in this department from time to time so you might want to keep checking it out.

Luperon Yachts Boats and Property Sales is located on the North Shore of the exquisitely beautiful Dominican Republic and is exactly where you need to purchase your yacht or property. Tropical living is the good life! You can absolutely forget about YachtWorld, Iboats, BoatUS, BoatQuest, BoatTrader, Apolloduck, BoatsAndOutboards and the rest of the Big Guys. Simply remember that Luperon Yacht Boats and Property Sales sell boats, yachts, business opportunities, Gated Community homes, farms and Real Estate of all types in and around the town of Luperon, Dominican Republic.

Tourist Project in Luperon Creates 4 Thousand Jobs
Invested 1.2 Billion U.S. Dollars ~ Read more here  about the visionary PUNTA ALMA PROJECT

Luperon Bay is actually named Bahia de Gracia and was named this by Christopher Columbus where he sought refuge on one of his voyages throughout the Caribbean. Luperon is an excellent place for any sailor to start his or her Caribbean Dream Cruise from. The Thorny Path problems have already been taken care of. Luperon is also the home of Bruce Van Sant. Bruce is the author of the very popular boating guide book called Gentlemans Guide to Passages South. Read some of our great articles by Julia Bartlett, James Baldwin and Peter Swanson and others. Write your own article and let us present it here. Purchase your Dream Boat or yacht from Luperon Boats and Property here in Luperon and begin your Caribbean Dream Cruise now!

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All of the Caribbean Islands such as the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe and Haiti are fascinating places to visit. Stop and "shop til you drop" in Guyana, Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Martinique, Montserrat, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Saba and Saint Barts. Discover and enjoy the cultures of St Eustatius, Mexico, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Martin, St Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad, Tobago, Turks & Caicos, St Thomas, St Croix and St John. Just imagine stopping with your very own private yacht at all of these exotic places! Purchase your boat or your yacht here at Luperon Yacht Boat and Property Sales in the Dominican Republic and simply start cruising! Remember, no hotels in your future either, as your own yacht or boat is your own personal floating home so you have no hotel expenses to be concerned about. Contact Us Today! Or just simply take a Caribbean Cruise...

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Samana - El Cafe
El Limon - Haitises

Samana - El Cafe - El Limon - Haitises

Colonial Zone
Santo Domingo

Colonial Zone Santo Domingo

Barrio China
Santo Domingo

Barrio Chino Santo Domingo

Large Cocoa Farm
Dominican Republic

Large Dominican Cocoa Farm Album

Large Cocoa Farm
Dominican Republic

Large Dominican Cocoa Farm Album

Colonial Zone
Santo Domingo

Colonial Zone Santo Domingo

Large Cocoa Farm
Dominican Republic

Large Dominican Cocoa Farm Album

Lakes in Caves
Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Lakes in Caves

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